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How soon should I place my order?

We try to accommodate our customers in the best way possible. Our recommendation would be to book your Sweet Treat well in advance. A typical booking usually takes place 3 to 12 months before weddings and at least 3-4 weeks before special occasions to ensure your custom design is well-planned and executed. As a friendly reminder, dates during the wedding season can book up quickly. To ensure we have your available date our recommendation is to book as early as possible.  


Do you offer cake tastings/consultations?

Yes we do. After securing your Sweet Treat you will be invited to an in person consultation that includes cake tasting as we create your custom design. Cake tastings are only reserved for custom cakes with a minimum serving count of 75. If you are interested in tasting our cakes before making a commitment, we also offer a cake tasting box that can be purchased by clicking here. The cost is $35 and includes four of our most popular flavors. If you decide to book with HannahB’s after tasting, we will schedule a design meeting with you in person or virtually to discuss your masterpiece and sketch out your cake design.

Do you offer Gluten-Free Cakes?

We do offer a gluten friendly cake option!

Are you an allergen free bakery?

 Although we do thoroughly clean and sanitize our work equipment, please be advised that HannahB's Sweets ingredients and equipment may have come in contact with nuts, eggs, dairy, and/or wheat products.

Do you Deliver?

Delivery and setup is included with all wedding cake. We will handle all things cake on your special day so that you can put your focus where it's needed most. Delivery is optional with all specialty cakes. Delivery fee may vary depending on location. If pickup is selected opposed to delivery we are not responsible for any damage to the Sweet Treat after leaving our studio.

How much is it going to cost me?

All cakes differ in size, shape, and complexity. Each cake is tailored to the vision of our client and we work with you to create a design that will be specific to your occasion. In order to plan accordingly our cakes are priced from $250.

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